Achievements + Gear Talk

Leaf Play

Since I last wrote, I have made some decidedly nice progress.

Fastest recorded pace: 5:16 (11/10)
Fastest overall pace: 14:20 (11/10)
Longest stretch of time running: 10min at approx 13:57 (10/27)
Farthest distance: 2.35 (10/29)

I can’t say I have taken up running for speed. I have an awful time pacing myself outdoors and end up running far faster than I expected and then having to walk at a slower pace to recover.  This actually ends up evening out with what happens on a treadmill.  I tend to keep the pace more even and never run as fast as I get up to according to the RunKeeper GPS tracking.   That said, I think going outside has really helped me in the most unbelievable way.  I can run longer at steadier paces when I actually pace myself on a treadmill.  The 10 minute stretch felt like a victory every minute.  It was awesome.  I haven’t done that again, but I have been trying to spend a lot of time outdoors before winter comes.

I am also trying to prep for winter running.  I have no idea what to do.  I went out and got a nice pair of Brooks pants, which aren’t for winter, but have been great ever since I got them.  They’re so light and comfortable.  I love them.  I also ended up getting a jacket from Brooks as well which is made for slightly colder temperatures and will be good for layering as it gets colder.  My main concern is getting more pants, a warmer jacket, and some gloves.  I also have to figure out a shoe situation. My Merrells are not going to be so awesome when snow starts trickling into them.

To be honest, I’m not sure how much I’ll run outside in the winter.  I should probably see how I feel about that before getting all kinds of crazy gear.  I have just been having such a good time being outside. I think it’s taught me a lot about form as well as how hard I can push myself.  It’s easy to get cushy with a treadmill, but harder to learn pacing, etc out in the open.  Plus, it’s good to learn how to run on pavement considering the 5k in February will be on that.  Even if I spend the majority of the winter on a treadmill, I will have to find some time to go outside as the race gets closer.

Anyone with winter gear suggestions or winter running tips, please feel free to share!!

Favorite Tree

My favorite tree on one of my routes.