Why, hello. Or: the status of things.

Goal/Reason: Couch-to-5k. I have talked about taking up running for awhile. I hated cardio when I first started to visit the gym, but this new challenge is hopefully breathing some life into it.
Status: Started a variation of C25k today. Began with 5 minute warm-up walk. 10 more minutes of brisk walk. Alternate 1 min jog/2 min walk for 10 minutes. 5 minute cool down.
Plan: I am going to try to follow the program, whether through variation (herniated disc causing numb feet may require it) or standard. 3 days a week at least.

Goal/Reason: Achieve previous weight-lifting benchmarks: 105 on squat and deadlift. I started working out in December with the intention of being able to deadlift 300lbs (like this girl). By March, I hit 105lbs. On March 28th, I came up wrong on a lift and herniated my L5 S1 disc. I am currently on my second round of physical therapy.
Status: While I have finally started to go to the gym again, the only weight I am using is really the cable machine.  It gives some added resistance to my physical therapy exercises.  I also often do alternating chest press with 15lb free weights.
Plan: I have an appointment with my trainer on Wednesday to go over a few things. I am still limited in what I can do, but I’m hoping to start small and work up.

Goal/Reason: Write every day. I bought an iPad with the intention of using it to write. I was supposed to have no more excuses since I could take it anywhere. I have written with it, but not anywhere near regularly.
Status: This blog counts. So one step in the right direction.
Plan: Start using blog regularly. Start freewriting regularly. Finish “the devil” short story.

Goal/Reason: Decrease sugar, caffeine, and dairy intake. While health is obviously a factor here,  I feel these are the three food categories that cause me the most trouble. I don’t expect to totally take them out of my life, but I’d like to feel like I can get through the day without a cup of coffee. I actually quit coffee recently, but took it back up again.
Status: not yet begun.
Plan: Figure out the average amount consumed in a day and decrease. For instance, only have one cup of coffee instead of two.

Goal/Reason: Read regularly. In order to write better and think better, I think this is important.  I also feel like it’s a love of mine that I don’t tend to as well as I should. I have books and books and books waiting to be read.
Status: On 412/1095 of A Game of Thrones.  Have been on it for some time.
Plan: Start with a chapter a day and increase steadily. I will finish the chapter I’m on before bed tonight.  I will take the book with me more often and not use the excuse that the phone screen is too small if it is an eBook.

Goal/Reason: Save money/get budget on track. I have searched high and low for good budgeting software/apps and have finally come across You Need a Budget. It’s gotten me to start tracking my money, which was a big problem previously. So I am continuing to use that to budget and budget my savings. Current savings goals: emergency fund (level one: 1 month’s salary) and car down payment.
Status: 25% to emergency fund goal. 12% to car down payment goal.
Plan: Scheduled deductions have already begun for the car down payment. Must budget for the emergency fund. I am hoping to start actively contributing to the emergency fund with my next paycheck.

I’m going to check in weekly/monthly on these goals depending on the goal. The C25k goal is obviously something that will change faster than my savings goals. This is just the beginning, though. Setting goals publicly and having to answer to some sort of accountability is its own reward, however the goals are to get me started with this blog on a regular basis and branch off from there.

Here goes!