An Awkward Collaboration

Awkward Creature

Just this past Friday, a friend suggested my boyfriend and I start a comic strip.  He was already doodling creatures and I can write a couple words at a time, so it seemed to make a lot of sense to her.  And then it made a lot of sense to my boyfriend.  So somewhere along the line it made a lot of sense to me.  It’s not exactly a comic strip, but we took that sort of idea and ran with it.

Now, I give you: Awkward Creature!

R already had some creatures, so it was up to him to clean up the art and up to me to write a little something.  We debuted our first creature today: Uni-bow.  We’ve already got a few lined up and the creatures will parade awkwardly out once a week.  We’re also including non-colored images in the Colorful Creatures section so that you can color them yourself.  There will be prizes for best show.

It’s been fun to do something creative with one of my favorite people and I’m excited to get to keep doing it.  We got this started pretty quickly, but we’ve got big dreams for it.  Big, awkward dreams, of course.

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