As seen on my run…



This post sort of exists in order to test the WordPress mobile app. If things go well, perhaps this will be a nice way to share more things. 🙂

At any rate. Here is a picture from a recent run. I have no clue who did this awesome chalk art, but it stopped me dead in my tracks. Simply perfect.

What awesome things do you see on your runs?

Cat Problems.

I was bound to talk about a cat sometime. This little girl is getting spayed today. I am a nervous cat lady. The last time any of my cats underwent any sort of real procedure was when Thor got fixed almost 8 years ago. While I’m sure she’ll be fine, I am also sure that I will be relieved when this is over and she is all healed up.

Maus came to live with us about two months ago. She was one of three strays my friends believed were dumped in their neighborhood.  Being the animal lovers that they are, they took the three kittens in and tried to find homes for them. When I first saw the picture of Maus, I had to meet her.  I decided upon that first meeting that if I took any of them, it would be her. I went home and thought about it and at first said no.  I didn’t want to disrupt Thor and what if it didn’t work out and… etc, etc.  But right after saying no, I regretted it. My friends were going to have to turn the kittens into a shelter if no one would take them.  I knew they would send them to a no-kill shelter, but I was still beside myself at the idea of her little face going to one.

So fast forward to today… I’m awfully glad I second guessed myself.  Maus and Thor get along pretty well.  They run and chase each other around. Maus is hysterical all on her own. She loves playing with socks, crinkle balls, and sometimes her own tail. She can’t stop laying all over my electronics, including my phone. She is still a bit skittish, but is obviously working on it. She used to only hide under the bed when strangers would come over, but now she at least makes a little appearance, even if it’s far off. I love that sometimes she jumps up in the air and when she does that, she sometimes also looks like she’s clapping her little paws together. It makes me laugh every time.

I am hoping that the rest of the day goes quickly and there’s a good news phone call that her surgery went well soon.  I should get to pick her up at 3pm and that can’t come fast enough. The next step is getting all healed up and I really hope that’s quick and easy. Having tried to avoid girl cats for most of my cat-owning years, I am extra nervous about spaying and healing from it. So much more extensive and intensive.

So here’s to good things for the little girl cat!


Updated: Maus came home safe and sound this afternoon.  She seems to be doing well, bordering on un-phased. I’ll take it!