Status Update: November

Back in August, I started keeping track of some goals…  I have not been super awesome at keeping up on the status or even keeping an eye on my goals in general.  It’s about time to get back on track now that all the surgery stuff is as out of the way as it can currently be.  So… UPDATE!

Goal: C25k
Status: To be honest, I gave up following a program and just started to run/walk/runk at my own pace.  I have goals and I set pace goals or time goals as I can.  I go out each time with the idea of doing at least 2 miles.  This week, I should average almost 10 miles for the week if things go as planned.  I may find myself back on the program more officially, but I can tell you that I do about 2 miles in about 30min and if I stay on that track, I will have no problem with the 5k in February. The required pacing for that is 16min/mile and I’m already above that. Speaking of the 5k, registration will happen on the 19th as a birthday present to myself.  I’m super excited.

Goal: Achieve previous weight-lifting benchmarks – 105 on squat and deadlift.
Status: I just started back to some weights this past week.  I did some squats with a 20lb bag and it seemed to go ok.  I have also been deadlifting with free weights. Jury is still out on whether I will ever get to this stage again.  It felt good to do some strength training again though.  The sore arms and chest the next day felt great.

Goal: Write every day.
Status: If I can get this blog going more regularly, I can write more regularly.  It’s a muscle I just can’t get into a training schedule. I heard someone suggest just waking up and writing for 10 minutes first thing every day.  I am going to try it.

Goal: Decrease sugar, caffeine, and dairy intake.
Status: Caffeine seems to be about 1 drink a day.  One cup of coffee a day is okay by me right now.  Sugar… I have at least drastically decreased the amount of high fructose corn syrup in my life.  I guess that’s a step.  I have been keeping around one dessert like food in the house (the current favorite is chocolate covered almonds), but I’d really like to stop consuming anything of that nature on a regular basis.  Since surgery, I have been hyper aware of dairy intake and would like to see a little more decrease in that as well.

Goal: Read regularly.
Status: Finished Game of Thrones! Am almost done with Born to Run and have also started Clash of Kings. Progress!

Goal: Save money/get budget on track.
Status:  Two weeks ago, I increased my automatic savings. A few extra bucks in each account is nothing to ignore. My car savings is up to about 20%.  Emergency fund is about 25%. I am going to start actively analyzing my spending more instead of just tracking it. First step was getting into the habit of tracking it so that I could analyze it.  Now it’s onto the next step…

All in all.. Progress, I’d say.