Dear blog,

I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s been a long time since we last spoke and lots of things have happened.

I ran another half marathon.

I quit my job.

I started practicing Ashtanga yoga six days a week.

I went to the Boston Marathon.

I started taking piano lessons as well as continuing to take violin lessons.

I learned how to knit.

I’ve traveled to Florida, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia so far this year with more travels to come.

I’m still getting injured as often as my body can apparently stand it.  This time, it’s my hamstring.  Those things are ridiculous to heal.

So see, blog.  It isn’t you.  I’ve just been busy.  But I’m gearing up to come back.  I have so much to tell you.

Blog Hiatus

I don’t think it’s any surprise to anyone that there’s been a bit of a hiatus going on here.  Lots of personal life stuff going on that has been distracting me from things like blogging. I’ll be back at it soon, but I’m giving myself an official break until October 1st.  I’ll catch you up on everything then.  Plus, it will be less than a month before my first half-marathon.  Excitement will abound.

See you next month!


Tonight, the blog received a new name and a Twitter account all it’s own.  If you are using the old address, hopefully you got properly routed this way.

I’m not sure “a journey toward awesome” is really the best tagline, but I’m pretty sure the word “experiment” is the most accurate part of the whole thing now. Truly, that’s what this is and what I am. We’re all our own living experiments, right?  What happens if I take this job? What happens if I eat a lot of this food? What happens if I don’t go to bed at a reasonable hour/drink too much/meditate/go running/etc?  And just like in any experiment, things can go your way or go down the wrong path.  The good news is that you can learn and alter your experiment as you go.  So the new name is really a reminder to myself that just because I’m on one path, I can still go down other ones, try new things, etc.

So here’s to my experiment and yours.  I’ve got lots to blog about, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. I was on my way to bed an hour ago when the thought for all of this hit me.