About K

I was recently asked by someone what my co-workers would say about me if asked.  My response: “I like cats.”


Here are some cats.

Other “likes of importance”: music, books, writing, and running.

Running would be the most recent addition to this list.  I began running in August 2011, around the time that this blog was started.  2011 was actually a really big year for me in a lot of ways.  I started going to the gym for the first time in my life around the beginning of the year and that was when I discovered I really liked goals.  I was set to try for 300 lbs on the deadlift and squat. Instead of reaching that goal, I ended up injured with a herniated disc.  The disc has left me pretty much banned from the barbell, so I turned to running.  Not long after I began my running journey, I had to have gallbladder surgery.  So after a few kinks in the road, here I am!  On February 25th, 2012, I ran my first 5k race. This was pretty huge for me, as I never thought I’d do something like that in my life.  I’m 30 years old.  You don’t start running at 30!  I guess I do.  It has already changed my life so much for the better.

Other not so important things about me: I live in Ohio.  I love guacamole and to-do lists.  When I was little, I wanted to own a candy store.  I have blogged in various places since we called it “online journaling” back in 1997.

The purpose of this blog is really to capture my “journey toward awesome.”  We’re all our own experiment.  This blog is chronicling mine. I think we all want to be better humans.  This is just one of the tools to help me move toward that. Plus, I have a lot of goals and I like to keep track of them, talk about them, learn about them, and then accomplish them! You’ll probably mostly find things about running here, though you may also find random other things like rants about Occupy Wall St, a post about a cat, or other miscellaneous things I’ve been reading.  All part of the journey, I say.

Other places to find me:

Twitter. Facebook. Runkeeper. GoodReads.


2 thoughts on “About K

  1. I liked reading your blog. I’m 48 and am doing my first 5K this Saturday (started C25K about 10 weeks ago with three friends and I’m actually the youngest!). I’ve never liked running and am proud of how far I’ve come in such a short time. Unfortunately my ankle is jacked up and that’s my biggest concern with this Saturday. I’ll probably rest the ankle for a while after the race but hope to keep running. Thanks for your encouraging messages. Reminds me of “The Little Engine That Could”.

    • I hope your first 5k was a good experience!! I know how ankle problems go, so I hope it held up. Thanks for the comment. It really made my day.

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