August Goal Update!

Goal: Train for and run the following races: Dash for Donation, Emerald City quarter marathon, and the half at the Columbus Marathon.
Status: I did not get to run the Dash for Donation because of my work schedule and I believe the same will be true for Emerald City.  I did end up doing the 5k at the Giant Eagle MultiSport Festival, which was great and ended up in a PR.  Hoping to write a little more about that later.  I am still on track for the half marathon, though I am nervous about mileage not being enough by race time.

Goal: Strength train 3x a week.
Status: I would like to blame my failure on this in July on a lot of things, but ultimately, I just didn’t make time. I have scheduled myself to go at least once this week and hopefully start to build back up. My new job schedule has made for some adjustments and I haven’t caught up with that yet.

Goal: Write every day.
Status: Nope. Improvement needed.

Goal: Read at least one book a month.
Status: I breezed through Savages by Don Winslow after seeing the movie.  I think I might have preferred the movie to the book, which is a rarity. I started Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner, but I haven’t stayed very well focused on it.  I am also picking my way through Kara Goucher’s Running for Women, which has some really great tips in it.

Goal: Budget! Budget! Budget!
Status:  My recent job changes have caused two things to happen: going a really long time without a full paycheck and also forcing medical things to become more expensive.  I am committed to keeping things under control, though, and excited to start saving money again once everything settles down.

Goal: Try something new once a month.
Status:  I didn’t really have a something new for July.  I may write up something a little late about starting a new job.  We’ll see if I can schedule that one in…  In the meantime, school starts this month!

Goal: Gratitude.
Status: I didn’t do this as much as I had hoped.  I find that I want to repeat myself a lot, so I am trying to open myself up to new things to be grateful for, even tough things.  Look for a best of #gratitudeproject coming sometime.

Goal: Actively work to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
Status: As of late, there have been a number of negative things that have been going on in life. There are also a lot of good things.  I am trying actively to not let myself stew in the bad.  It can be hard, but trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel is an every day practice.


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