How Time Flies and a Mental Note

July went by in the quickest of flashes.  I started my new job the first week and I don’t think I have slowed down since.  I am planning to get everything caught up, including telling you all about my PR at Sunday’s 5k.

This post is really just a mental note to myself.  If I tell you also, I will probably be more likely to remember it…

I should have learned this lesson already, considering how very unhappy I was for so long because of my job.  This week has been kind of a rough one for many reasons and I expected my run today to really take care of my mental state.  What I forgot about is that you have to be focused on the run in order for it to do that.  The worst runs are the ones where I can’t let go of the outside world and just focus on what my body needs to do.  I don’t breathe right, don’t pace myself properly, etc. That was tonight. I was tired before mile one was even done and I only did two today.

Running gives me so much and really doesn’t ask much in return.  Focus and determination are small efforts for a big payoff.  Tomorrow I am hoping to work on this focus and determination in the gym.

I can’t believe it’s almost August.


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