Pre-Race Jitters

Tonight is the Jaeger Run for Pride 5k.  It will be my third race.  It doesn’t start for another four hours, yet I find myself nervous already.  I am carefully planning what I will eat before then so as to minimize my stomach getting in on the anxiety act.

It has actually taken a lot for me not to go out earlier today and get a short run in to test my ankle.  I don’t have an appointment with the sports medicine doctor until Thursday and after my last run on Tuesday, I’m glad that I made the call.  I did just fine during my run.  It was just after that my left foot/ankle got upset with me. It is just a 5k (and I did over that on Tuesday), so I’m sure that I will finish it.  I just would prefer to actually run most of it and not walk it.  I would like to believe I will beat my last 5k finish time, but I am doubtful.

So my pre-race jitter solutions: ice the ankle, take a nap, think positively, and eat lightly. Ha.

What do you do before a race to get yourself mentally and physically on track?


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