Something New: May

So in May, I have actually done several new things.  I’m kind of proud of myself actually.  The main thing I’m going to highlight, though, is my trip to the dietician.

I am the first to say that I don’t know very much about diet and nutrition.  I know basic things and I can read food labels, but I don’t know much in depth.  I don’t think I do too badly, but I do feel like diet is a hurdle for me in regards to any weight loss.  So when I saw a flier up in my doctor’s office about the new dietician on the staff, I jumped for it.

I’m glad that I did.  I learned things like how many calories I should eat when I’m running and how many when I’m not.  She also gave me the breakdown in grams of what I should be taking in with regards to carbs, fats, protein, etc.  It seemed to always be about a 10% increase in everything (calories included) when I am actually running. We also talked about recovery foods and when I need to eat before/after a run in relation to actual meals.

We went down my typical menu of sorts and she didn’t feel like anything needed to be cut out.  However, we did talk about my habit of eating after coming home late from work.  Instead of eating whatever it is I feel like, I need to stick to a certain calorie limit.  Of course, those calories should be made of good things and not potato chips. Talking this out was probably one of the best parts for me, just because this is one of the worst eating habits that I have.

So have I stuck to everything I’ve learned?  Well… I’ve tried.  I have fallen off the calorie tracking wagon as of late and I’ve gotten a little lazier with food choice.  Tomorrow, however is a new day and today I stocked up on lots of healthy goods from the grocery with no intention of straying from what I bought.

Hurrah!  The dietician visit was well worth it.  I will check back in with her in a couple of months to see how progress is.


Other new things for this month?

  • I started volunteering for roller derby.  I can’t skate, nor would I trust myself to do so and not break myself, so… volunteering it is! So far, great fun!
  • My first massage in years, in which I learned that my current hip problem is probably related to my back problem. Whee!
  • I discovered a “butter” that I can eat! Justin’s Honey Almond Butter.  You see, I can’t eat peanut butter without heading to Migraine City, so finding something good for toast or sandwiches was an awesome discovery.
  • I applied for college… Again. Ha! This time, however, we’re doing it a little differently in hopes of great success.  More on this later.
  • Found out that the boyfriend can make really great guacamole.  My heart melted.

Happy to say that I feel as if I may have done some good things this month. Yay!


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