You’re Doing It Wrong!

If you’ve been following along, you may have read a little bit about my ankle problems.  I thought that was actually all over, but I was apparently kidding myself.  After 4.05 miles yesterday, I have found myself with the same ankle pain back again.  Now, I think I know why.

Yesterday, as I was running, I was paying special attention to the way my feet were falling.  The right one was doing a fantastic job.  It was light.  It hit in the mid-foot area.  It came up.  It felt like a well-oiled machine doing what it was supposed to do.  But the left foot?  It was not coming down as light or bouncing back up very well.  The more I noticed it, the more awkward I felt.  Fast forward about 24 hours and I am having trouble walking normally.

Incidentally, I had physical therapy this morning and since I knew I wasn’t walking right, I mentioned how my ankle had started to bother me again.  After some discussion, he gave me an article I have read a few times before: The Once and Future Way to Run.  In the article is a video for the 100-Up.  I think I may have actually mentioned this before.  Well, I have done the 100-Up a few times, but never stuck with it.  My PT said I should start and keep going.  With my new discovery on how my foot is working, I can see the difference between what it’s doing and what the feet in the video are doing.  If I can get it right, maybe everything else will improve as well!

I wanted to go out for a little bit today, but I am staying in and 100-Up-ing instead.  I can’t hobble my way through the Cap City quarter next week after all.

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