Cat Lady Episode #356

I don’t talk much about the cats here.  You’re very lucky this way.  Today, maybe not so much.

On Tuesday, Thor had his appointment with a new vet I was trying.  I got a recommendation from someone since I had some trouble with our usual vet. When I first took him in for this current bout of problems, they tried to convince me that it was possibly a food allergy and recommended horrible prescription food that seemed to lack basic cat required nutrients.  I quickly took them off of that food and Thor has been doing just fine.

Well, maybe not just fine.  You see, Thor has butt problems.  Last summer he ruptured an anal gland. Didn’t think that could happen to cats, did you?  I didn’t think it could when my boyfriend first told me a story about it.  That disbelief came back to bite me in the ass (as it usually does when I don’t listen to R very well).  It was the grossest episode I have encountered in my 8 years of cat ownership. I do not wish that experience on any owner or their cat.  Fast forward to Tuesday.  The new vet agrees that his butt problems are continuing (though no more rupturing!) and then there’s some ongoing ear problems that he’s been having on top of that.

Grumpface Extraordinaire

Thor was especially amused with all of the proceedings, as you can see by his look of joy in the above picture.

While I am relieved that I have found a vet that seems to be on the same page as I am and I like that we have a plan in place to take care of things… I am still a worrier.  The day we went to the vet, Thor barely left my side afterward.  When I was leaving for work earlier today, he seemed a little less active than normal and so I worried.

What did I learn from all that worry? Nothing. I was having nightmarish ideas by the time I got home and for what? By the time I got here, he was back to doing high-fives for food (what I call when he stands on his hind legs and head butts your hand for the pets) and chasing Maus around.

I fully embrace my cat lady-ness because I think I have pretty awesome cats.  However, I should probably worry less.  It didn’t get me anywhere and was completely unfounded for the most part.  Like most worry.


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