Music for Another Run

Before the widespread adoption of mp3 players, I loved making mix CDs (and tapes before that).  A few of my friends probably still have some of the ones that I made for them and vice versa on my end. What amazing little time capsules, they are!  I found one a few months ago that had Finch on it and I hadn’t thought of Finch in years (and it’s probably better that I haven’t).  At any rate, playlists have taken over where the mix CD/tape left off.

When I was on the plane headed to Florida and the Royal Family 5k, I sat and made a playlist for the race.  Most of the time when I was running before that, I’d listen to podcasts (the Joe Rogan Experience and Radiolab being big favorites) or the random album here or there.  Eminem’s Recovery was in regular rotation as well as my other favorite hip hop songs.  Ever since that race, though, I have been on the hunt for good running mix songs.

Today, I present to you what I have so far, and in no particular order because I love shuffle.

Fun side note: “Comeback Kid” was the song I crossed the finish line to in Florida. It holds a special spot in my heart and will hopefully remain my race finishing song.

I’m still hunting for more songs full of motivation and/or good beats. Know any?


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