The Great Gallbladder Break-Up: 3 Months Later

It’s been three months now since I became gallbladder free.  It’s been kind of an interesting ride so far.  In November, I talked about what it was like just a month in.  I’d been to a follow-up with my doctor, I had started using stuff for my scarring, etc.

So…  Three months in and I’m at about the same point that I was back in November.  There have been some positive changes, though.  I stopped getting the weird anesthesia episodes for the most part.  Every once in awhile they sneak up on me, but they seem to have mostly gone away.  I don’t have as much pain at the incision sites.  My scars seem to be healing up pretty well, too.

What’s going on with everything else?  Well, the digestive problems haven’t righted themselves yet.  They haven’t gotten any worse, though, which is a good sign, I think.  When I do have problems, it’s usually right after I eat.  My stomach will hurt or will get a little upset.  Some of this is helped with drinking a little Sprite or something like it.  Sometimes, I just have to spend some time with my friend, the toilet.  What I have read suggests that stomach upset should happen with fatty foods more than anything else, but this is not the case.  I can eat a turkey sandwich and have problems and eat a piece of pizza and have no problems.  Figure that one out.  This is all pretty frustrating and sometimes embarrassing.  Am I destined to be full of gas and poop my whole life?  I guess we all are, so I should probably just get used to it, but the fact that this is different than I used to be is what is bothersome.  I tried taking the probiotic that my doctor recommended and I also tried a digestive enzyme from Whole Foods.  I am going to give them another shot, but have yet to see much result from them.

I have pretty much given up on much drinking at this point.  I wasn’t drinking a lot before I had my surgery anyway, but spending New Year’s Eve at a bar and not drinking was a little strange (I did have some drinks at dinner, which is what caused me to NOT have any afterward).  Nice for others to have a designated driver and all, but it would be nice to have a little more fun too.

Overall, some days I wish I hadn’t had surgery and could have kept my gallbladder to not deal with the hassles.  But those hassles are really relatively small compared to the risks of not losing an organ.  In reality though, it hasn’t hindered much of what I wanted to do (including what I want to eat for the most part, which is impressive after the horror stories you hear).  In fact, as of today, three months to the day of my surgery, I ran 5k.  I’d say that’s a pretty good indication that things aren’t too terrible.


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