In Case You Missed It…


It was slow. It was still run/walk/ralking, but there you have it:  I have officially reached a goal.  I even did it below the pacing requirement for the 5k in February.  Afterward, I kind of felt like a superhero.  You read about “runner’s high” and I thought I knew what that felt like since I have enjoyed running so much and feel good after I do it, but this… This was beyond that.  Superhero, I tell you.

So what’s next?  Besides the race, I still have to build up my endurance to actually run steady for the entire distance.  I have really, really improved on my road running endurance.  I can run for much longer periods than I used to, but I am still having trouble pacing myself.  I seem to be averaging anywhere between 14:00 min/mi and 9:00 min/mi, though between 10 and 12 min/mi seem to be the norm.  No wonder I’m tiring out quickly and having to walk. Ha! I like those speeds better and they feel better, but I just can’t sustain them yet.

I’m pretty confident that between now and the end of February, I can work some of these kinks out, increase my speed, and go further than 5k before then.  It will be especially possible if the winter stays so mild here in Ohio and I don’t have to be afraid to go outside in the snow!

But here’s to today!! Yay for 5k!


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