Status Update: December

Here it is, almost a month later.  Time is flying by this year.

I’m removing some of these goals and adding new ones.  The reasons will be listed below.

Goal: Run a 5k!
Status: I am going to do a proper running update here in a second, because there’s some stuff going on here.  But all in all, there has been some really good progress. I ran my longest time and distance consecutively today.  That was a pretty awesome accomplishment.  I felt really good afterwards (though my legs were a bit wobbly, I have to admit).

Goal: Achieve previous weight-lifting benchmarks – 105 on squat and deadlift.
Status: I am removing this goal.  While lifting is something that I’m doing in small doses and with small weight, I feel that just getting back into doing a normal lifting routine should be my main focus.  I am doing a little bit more physical therapy to get back into the gym properly and after that we will see how it goes.

Goal: Write every day.
Status: I have been keeping a bit of a December goal going on elsewhere and I have been writing for Awkward Creature, but that’s about it as of now.  I am still hoping to start getting up a little earlier every day and starting off the day writing.  I think getting into a routine is really important with this.

Goal: Decrease sugar, caffeine, and dairy intake.
Status: I have been steadily keeping to one cup of caffeine a day.  My dairy intake has been been reasonably limited to sandwiches. Sugar is something I am still working on, but I think my next goal is going to be just focusing on better nutrition overall.  I am hoping to eat a salad every day, etc.  Still sort of working on what I want to do with this, but the salad is a start.  I definitely do not eat enough vegetables.

Goal: Read regularly.
Status: Finished Born to Run, which I really loved.  If anyone has suggestions along that vein, I would love to hear them. It has been pretty slow going with Clash of Kings, but I have been drifting between a couple of other books at the same time.  Matt Taibbi writes a great column for Rolling Stone, so I picked up his book,  Griftopia. I also grabbed Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein (the guy in the OWS video I posted here), but haven’t really gotten much into that.  Incidentally, you can read the entire thing for free online at Reality Sandwich.  My plan is to stick with Sacred Economics for a bit and then go back to Griftopia, which has excruciatingly long chapters.  For someone who picks books up pretty randomly, it’s hard for me to stick with 50page chapters.  Maybe if I gave more consistent time to reading, but I really sort of snatch time on lunch breaks and other times at home.  Also, I have been trying to keep a reasonable tally of things over at Goodreads.  I started an account there back in 2007 and have only been back and forth randomly.  Lots of old to-reads and such, but I’m trying to keep it better updated.

Goal: Save money/get budget on track.
Status:  Things are going pretty well along here.  I still have some of the surgery bill to take care of and with Christmas coming up, things get a little crazy but I’m feeling pretty good.  I’ve been noticing spots where I can really decrease my spending and am actively trying to pursue doing that.  I’m currently switching internet providers, which will save me almost $40/mo, all of which will go into savings. I also decided to put my heating bill on a budget plan, so no crazy surprises over the winter on that. Progress!

Goal: De-google.
Reason: Let’s be honest: Google is kind of big in a scary sort of way.  They follow you around and house all of this crazy data about you.  All those ads that are tailored to you seem nice, but what’s really going on there? Actually, the real thing that started me thinking about getting away from Google was the fact that they redesigned Google Reader in a bad way and then didn’t listen to feedback from their users.  It was a move trying to force people into using Google+, a service that I tried and left. I’m not really interested in using their services if they aren’t going to listen to their users and force unwanted products upon people.  Of course, I’d like to get away from Facebook too based on how they also follow you around the internet, but unfortunately there are too many people I would probably lose touch with (family especially).
Status: I have officially changed all my RSS feeds over to NetVibes.  I am in the process of changing emails around, but I have used gmail for so very long that it’s hard to get that all settled. I also have the problem that certain things won’t reset to the email that I’d like to use, blah blah blah.  So that’s an ongoing battle.  I have been reading posts like this one and working my way through.  We’ll see how far this goes.

I was actually going to list volunteer as a poll worker for the next election, but I already put in my application for it, so… Goal: accomplished!  There are a couple of other goals I’m working on in the pre-goal stage, so to speak.  But some goals have to wait for other things to fall into place first.  Hopefully by next month, I will have some new things to add.


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