Countdown to Surgery: 1 week

In one week at this time, I will (hopefully) be at home and in my bed having had a successful laparoscopic gallbladder removal.  Hopefully, the cats will be behaving themselves (and not jumping on my stomach), my mother will not be too uncomfortable in my apartment  (read: sleeping on my futon), while I am drugged up on pain medicine and passed out.

To start preparing for surgery, I had to stop taking all my supplements and vitamins today.  That means no more Alpha Brain or the vitamin D for my deficiency or any of the rest of it.  I also can’t take any medicine other than Tylenol.  Let me tell you something about me and Tylenol: we don’t work together. At all.  So here’s to a week of no headaches, please!

The only good part about having to quit everything is that I’ll get to actually see what the Alpha Brain is doing.  I know it has really, really helped my moods. I think it’s also helped in a number of other ways, but who is to say that isn’t some sort of placebo effect talking?  Well, I’m about to prove it one way or another.

Luckily, I really don’t have to to anything else awful for preparation.  I don’t have to drink anything nasty to clean myself out or anything like that.  I just can’t eat or drink anything from midnight the day of up until surgery. When my surgeon’s scheduler told me that good news, I told her that the relief of that moment was almost worth having to go through it all.  (Not true.)  The only other thing I really have to attend to is figuring out piercing removal. You’d think after having to bother with getting them taken out and put back in twice now (once for my last surgery and once for my MRI earlier this year), I would just give them up.  It’s only some/most of the ear piercings that are hard to remove myself and this time, I can’t just show back up to the shop on the same day and get them put back in. Time to invest in some tools, I guess.

With the thought of surgery on my mind, I am not taking any possible gym time for granted. I’ve gone in to run two days in a row and may head in tomorrow to do some weights. I will be out of commission for at least two weeks on that and it’s one of the things I am least looking forward to.  It’s going to set back my Couch-to-5k, no doubt.  I’m already improving on week 4 (the dreaded five minutes runs!) and I know I will have to backtrack when I get back into it.  Who knew a year ago that this would be the thing that bums me out the most? Crazy how things change.

Also, before you ask: Yes, I’m nervous.  Terribly nervous.  Sometimes I can’t fall sleep at night because all I can think about is the surgery and the recovery and what if things go wrong, etc, etc.  I worry about work.  I worry about having help if I end up needing it.  I worry about pain.  I’m trying really hard to focus on benefits, like no more gallstones or having a little time to myself to read, etc.  Hopefully I can keep looking at that and not the fear. Hopefully.


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