1 month + 1 week status update

Well, I had wanted to do this last week, but some things got in the way (hello, ER!).  Better late than never.  It’s been one month and one week since I started this whole shebang. Here are some goal updates…

Goal: C25k
Status: Week 3 of Couch-to-5k was restarted today. If you remember, I started the program over again in an attempt to get adjusted to the Merrells. It’s gone pretty well.  Week 3 is when you start to really run for a longer period of time, starting at 3min. I was nervous to get this far, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when I first did it.  I think I only made it to the first day of Week 3 when I first started the program, so I’m on my way to progressing. The Merrells have been working out really well also, which is a bonus. Also started logging total miles at dailymile.

Goal: Achieve previous weight-lifting benchmarks – 105 on squat and deadlift.
Status: Not much focus on this right now.  I’m still at 15lb dumbbell deadlifts and bodyweight squats. They haven’t been the main point of my strength training since I’ve been trying to follow my physical therapy exercises pretty closely.  I’m in the gym with my trainer next week, though.  Maybe we can get some supervised lifting in.

Goal: Write every day.
Status: Ha! I have ideas roaming around in my head though. I think my new approach is going to be mapping things out.  If I have a goal and some sort of endpoint, I think I will be better off.

Goal: Decrease sugar, caffeine, and dairy intake.
Status: The good news is that all of these have decreased, at least in the past week.  I can’t say I was doing so hot trying to stay away from caffeine and dairy before I ended up in the ER. Since Saturday, though, I have made great strides and lost 4lbs incidentally. As far as sugar goes, I am only really allowing myself to buy two of my favorite cookies when I am at the grocery. I consume them whenever and am not currently having any other sugary treats. Caffeine is on and off, but I am definitely not craving it. Dairy has become less of a focus because I am trying so hard to keep an eye on what I’m eating. High fat foods are problems for gallbladders, so most of the dairy I’ve had is a little cheese in my salad at lunchtime.  Yay, improvement! (Even if it’s by force!)

Goal: Read regularly.
Status: 733/1098 in A Game of Thrones. Slow progress.  The book is maddening because I currently hate what’s going on.

Goal: Save money/get budget on track.
Status: I have a plan. I currently have more in savings than I really expected. I doubled the goal for my car down payment, so I’m only at 15% right now. My emergency fund and “other” fund are both coming along nicely. I fear that most of this is going to be wiped out with my surgery bill. I have yet to call the hospital about fees specifically, but if their website and my insurance website estimates are any indication, let’s cross our fingers they like payment plans. Ha. We’ll talk after my surgery on where this all lands. The good news, I guess, is that I will be spending significantly less money while I’m laying around recovering for 2 weeks.


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