C25k/Minimalist Running Status

A quick little update for anyone interested in how the Couch-to-5k is going.

I have stuck with restarting the program with the new shoes. I made it through the first week again and have started on the second. The biggest issue I’ve faced so far is my calves have been burning. Still no problems with my feet hurting (though I did rub my heel raw one day) or anything else, really. Today I even noticed decreased pain in some of the places that normally hurt (e.g. my knees).  I have continued to use the Merrells at work on and off. It doesn’t seem to be a great idea to use them all 8 hours, but they feel good for a much longer time than expected.

Oh! And one of the best parts: I’ve increased my run pace, which has also helped increase my distance. I got all the way down to 13:20.  Part of what inspired me to try harder and go faster was an article with the following:

Learn how to define what’s truly hard for yourself. “Many athletes look to coaches or formulas to tell them what hard is by heart rate, pace, or percentage of VO2max. Hard is hard. You run hard. Until you connect to that, you will not run as fast as you want to; you’ll run as fast as someone tells you to go.”

Run hard. Simple, right?


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