C25k: Week 2 Complete!

That’s right. I have finished the second week of Couch-to-5k. Not a lot different from last week stats-wise.  I was running 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes. The longer runs did prove to be more challenging, so my pace didn’t increase. I also ended up doing day 2 twice. My phone reset itself so the app didn’t retain the stats for the second day. I could have pulled them off of Twitter (the app publishes to it), but I decided it was better to just do it again.

Starting stats:
distance: 1.69 miles
run pace: 14.38
walk pace: 17.08

Week 2 stats:
day 1 distance: 1.78 miles
day 3 distance: 1.80 miles

overall run pace: 14.17
overall walk pace: 16.40

Week 3 looks more challenging. I am considering doing week 2 one more time and trying to increase my pace/stamina. Slow and steady.


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