2 Weeks!

14 days ago, I started this fancy little blog. Status update, it is.

Goal: C25k
Status: I officially started week 2 of Couch-to-5k yesterday. Today I did the second day. I have backed down on my pace in order to complete the 90 second runs demanded this week. I tried to increase right off and that was not the way to go. I ended up decreasing today. I’m making it through, but slow and steady is the trick here.

Goal: Achieve previous weight-lifting benchmarks – 105 on squat and deadlift.
Status: My physical therapist has started me using 15lb dumbbells for deadlifting. We have decided to keep me going at therapy one day a week for right now and with the focus of getting me into the gym.  I am still a long way to go from this goal, but any deadlift is better than no deadlift.

Goal: Write every day.
Status: This one is probably the worst one. The problem is setting the time aside to do it.  For instance, right now I want to take a nap, not write this post. I want to write this post, but napping sounds like a much better activity. I have to get in the habit. Habit. Habit. Habit.  I really want to submit another entry to the McSweeney’s Internet Tendency 3rd Annual Column Contest. I did this last year with a good idea, but bad execution. This year, I have another idea but I can’t do it if I don’t work on it.

Goal: Decrease sugar, caffeine, and dairy intake.
Status: Well. I did pretty well for a couple of days without coffee and then went back to it. I really want a cup today and may give in to some chai for a little bit of something. My sleep/work schedule has not been very friendly, so it’s been tough to keep up without a little something to help along. Dairy and sugar haven’t really been on my radar much. I’ve been aware of my sugar cravings, but haven’t always been giving into them. I am trying to decrease what’s around the house, but then today bought a couple of my favorite cookies at the grocery. That’s not the way to win this, but a treat here and there is probably not a bad thing.

Goal: Read regularly.
Status: Currently on page 555 of 1095 in Game of Thrones. I don’t think my motivation was helped when someone spoiled the ending for me, but it’s an increase from 2 weeks ago! I have to start taking it to work with me more.

Goal: Save money/get budget on track.
Status: You know those times when you have a really good idea and then it runs away from you into a really bad idea? Kind of where I’m at. So I had my Really Good Idea and then I had started to wonder where all my money was going for a minute. Then I realized how much I was spending on the kitten as well as physical therapy and things started to make sense. It’s been difficult to get the budget right, but I’m getting pretty close. I’ve also been looking at cost-cutting options.  The good news is that my automatic savings is going well. I started automatic withdrawals into my emergency fund and am planning to funnel left over money during the month into my “other” category.  I am also currently doing some 401k/IRA investigation after an investment talk with my stepbrother over the weekend.

The theme for this blog should be slow and steady wins the race… Or so I hope.


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