Week 1 Down!

Today was officially week 1 of Couch-to-5k completed.  Each “week” contains 3 days. I started on the 20th.  I have been alternating gym days with physical therapy days (which I have 2/week) and I took Sunday and Wednesday off.

I am excited because the app that I’m using has a lot of different things that it tracks for you. It’s easy to see there are already improvements, regardless of how small.

Day 1 run/jog pace: 14:38
Day 3 run/jog pace: 14:17

Day 1 distance: 1.69 (some room for error as I had to restart and may not have added appropriately.)
Day 3 distance: 1.92

I am trying to plan when I will get to Day 4. It might be Saturday or it might be Monday. It’s a change up from 60 second run/90 second walk to 90 second run/2 minute walk. We will see how it goes. Reading over some of the C25k stuff shows a lot of people re-doing weeks or extending them.  As I am trying to keep things slow (and I’m not “running” very quickly anyway), I may end up doing that with week 1 or 2. I say this openly because I want to remind myself that it is really okay to not race through things (no pun intended). Taking my time and doing it right is better in the long run. No more injuries for me, please!


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