What a Difference a Little Shoe Can Make.

My new shoes!  On Friday, I went to FrontRunner and – with some assistance – snagged these suckers.  I went in with the intention of looking at barefoot running options.  I became terribly in love with the Merrell Pace Glove, but opted to go for these Sauconys for a sort of transitional shoe. I figure since I’m still starting out, it’s best to get my bearings with something that still has some active cushion, but is also super lightweight.  These Kinvara 2s were really the most comfortable of a plethora of other shoes I tried. I have no idea how people run with so much cushion and weird squish.

I have only gotten into the gym once since buying them, but I could tell the difference. I can feel how much better made these are than my other cheapo gym shoes. I also felt a difference in how long it took my feet to start going numb/tingly and the recovery from it. It usually takes only about 5-10 minutes to start feeling some of the numbness creeping in and sometimes it takes a long time for it to stop, even after I’m off the treadmill.  Not so this time around. It still happened, but with less effect.  Whether that’s my body healing or the shoes, who knows? I’ll give credit to both.

So after buying the shoes, I did my first official day of Couch-to-5k on Saturday.  I’ll go back in tomorrow to start day two.  Because of my strange work schedule right now, I’m having trouble spacing out the work out days with my physical therapy days.  I’m hoping to stick to doing C25k followed by doing my physical therapy exercises plus some resistance training afterward each day I go into the gym. This should be at least 3 days a week with the C25k program. I want to get in more, but 3 is probably a good start. I have to remind myself I am still healing that disc.


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