A little status update.

Goal: Couch-to-5k/Lifting
Status: I only had one other day at the gym so far with only about 10 minutes on the treadmill before meeting with my trainer. Today, I am planning to look at new shoes for the task and hopefully get into the gym for a little bit as well. My first day back with the trainer after 2 months went really well. It’s good to be challenged. I also realized I have a long way to go.

Goal: Writing/Reading
Status: I have indeed finished a chapter and a half of my current  book, but I have done no other writing except for the previous blog post. I am off of work today and Sunday, so maybe between those two days I can get a little more action in.

Goal: Savings!
Status: Increased the car down payment goal to 20%. I also started an “other” savings account separate from both the car savings and the emergency one. This will be for various fun stuff. I don’t have a goal for this exactly, but plan to shoot a little extra money here or there into it and see where it ends up.


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